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ScanBox at your service.

Who We Are...

Established in 2017 ScanBox Limited is a Content Solution Service Provider that offers services in Jamaica and across the English-Speaking Caribbean with a mission to support the complete management of information, data, documents, and processes. ScanBox Limited has been partnering with organizations like yours, to fulfill your digital strategy or digital transformation needs that focus on document capture, document management, and process business automation.

Our brand of customizable and personalized service creates the environment for a quantum leap from paper to digital, automation, business efficiency, environmental consciousness – while organizations have easier access to their information with just a click of a button.

We are ready to serve you. 



Our Vision

To become the purveyor of choice for Enterprise Content Services Solution. 

Our Mission

To transform business through Enterprise Content Solutions that support the end-to-end management of data and digital processes.

Core Values 

  • Leadership - We are determined to secure the growth and development of the company, our team members, and clients.


  • Efficiency - We provide focused, fast, practical, cost-effective, flexible, and user-friendly solutions and services


  • Accountability - We are obligated to making things better for our clients in order to achieve their goals and better serve their customers.


  • Purpose - We exist to provide Enterprise Content Solutions Services to help our clients create potentials for great results. 



We have over 15 years of combined experience in ICT  Consultancy including  Intelligent automation of Business processes,  Managed IT Services,  and content services platforms for the complete management of document and information in your organisation. 

You will have no need to hire and supervise additional staff, as our savvy professional team is equipped to provide all your information management requirements. We have work with mid-size to enterprise businesses and have successfully implemented solutions that were timely and fit for purpose.  

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