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  • Cost savings of 30% or more versus scanning your own documents.

  •  No need to hire and supervise additional staff.

  • No expensive hardware to purchase and maintain.

  • Savvy professional with 15 years combined Information systems and business experience.

  •  Affordable scanning prices and flexible payment terms.

  •  Proven methods coupled with the latest scanning technology.

  • We work Fast- We scan up to 5000 pages per day.

  • We scan anything-

  • Allows easy enforcement of your security policies, controls access and tracks activities

  • Facilitates reporting and auditing of required and missing information

  • Automates retention and records management requirements

  • Pass documents through your business processes, alert process manger approve instantly in your ECM. 

  • NO Rip and Replace. Our OnBase solutions integrate seemly with your current business application. (.NET Apps, Oracle and SAP)

  • Speeds processes by automating predictable decisions and providing useful tools to manage all surrounding tasks, activities and case work

  • Increases productivity by providing instant access to content and processes from anywhere, even a mobile device

  • Eliminates the costs of printing, shipping and storing paper by electronically capturing content

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